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Chicago Beer Guy with a podcast about some old school beers and new classics. Sometimes the Beer In Front of you is the best one yet!

King Of Beers

This week I'm having the King Of Beers as the Beer In Front! I'll talk about some great local Chicago beers and a special return of the Jagoff Of The Week! 

I spoke with Kenneth over at the Better On Draft podcast and Michigan Brewery Map App, they are your go-to source for all things Michigan Beer! Bell's Amber is the Beer In Front this week and I'll also talk about the wonderful Revolution/Garrett Popcorn collab Caramel Crisp Ale!

Better On Draft

YouTube Review of Caramel Crisp

Genesee Cream Ale

Quick show this week. I'll have Genesee Cream Ale as the Beer In Front, plus I loved a recent offering from Phase Three! 


CBC article on 16 oz cans. 

Beer In Front Awards Promo

On this bonus episode, I'll have details on the Inaugural Beer In Front Awards celebrating the best of the old school beers! 



Hop Nation USA/Lone Star

This week I chatted with Steve & Adam over at Hop Nation USA about Pittsburgh beer! Couldn't get an Iron City for the show so I had Lone Star as the Beer In Front this week! 

Hop Nation USA

Racer 5

This week I'm back from podcast vacation with a review on Racer 5 from Bear Republic. I'll also have some details on the Beer In Front Awards happening later this year! 

Shower Beer

This week I went in the shower and recorded a segment on Shower Beers! 

Alison Moyet's Invisible

F**k My Work Life 


Beer Nuts Brand Snacks

Spectacular show this week! I talked to Andy Shirk over at Beer Nuts Brand Snacks and we talked about the history of this great Illinois company! I had a Haymarket Chicago Tavern Beer this week and am starting a new segment on music! 

Beer Nuts Brand Snacks

Shoutout to The Visionarium

One Eskimo Kandi


The Spaghett

Going to mix things up this week and have the beer cocktail The Spaghett as my Beer In Front! 

The Spaghett

Voluntary Input

Cincinnati's Beer Tunnels 

A Very Special Guest Star

This week I'm joined by my wife Ruby and we had When It Rains from Half Acre and Morton's Salt. I'll also talk about beer from Lake Effect and Casa Humilde! 

Shoutout to Dr. Doris Forte' 


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