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A podcast about some old school beers and new classics. Also I’ll have a weekly rant about annoying stuff.

1971 In Music Part II

In Part II of 1971 in Music, I'll discuss some great records of the best year in Rock & Roll history along with some friends. 

Playlist Wars


Set Lusting Bruce

Keeping Up With The Cardassians




Pop Culture Brews

Ruvani de Silva

This was a lot of fun talking to old and new friends about my favorite topic that doesn't come in a pint glass! Thanks to everyone who participated and thank you for listening! 





This week, I'm having one of the best beers I've had in Shipwreck Stout from Conyngham Brewing, Thanks to David Carey for this one. I'll also discuss other beers that friends have sent me and you know there are Jagoffs this week! 

Conyngham Brewing

1971 In Music Part I

1971 was an incredible year in popular music. On this Part I of II, I'll chat about some great albums with:

Camille Conte

Noah Sherry

Lauren & Dave Carey

Russ from Infectious Groove Podcast


Great show this week where I talked to Kelly KFM Meyer. Kelly is the former owner of the New Braunfels Brewing Company in Texas. He is the author of the book How NOT To Start A Damn Brewery and hosts a podcast with the same name. This was very informative and I thank Kelly for coming on to chat. 

Buy The Book

Listen To The Podcast

Katie Camlin/KC Bier Co

Great show this week where I shared a Dunkel with Katie Camlin with the KC Bier Co. I also talk about some area beers, have Robert The Bruce as the Beer In Front, and come out firing on a Chicago politician as the Jagoff Of The Week!

KC Bier Co

This episode is sponsored by Lovehoney

I'm back from my Summer Hiatus and have a solid show for you. I'll have the new Alaskan Brewing Midnight Haze as my Beer In Front. I chatted last week with Da Beer Bros Rob & Joe and will have that interview on as well. 

E14 Interview

On this special show, I sat down and talked with Heath from the E14 Podcast. Heath and his wife Jamie are the Sailors Voice and you can check them out wherever you listen to podcasts! 

Blaq & Soul

Wonderful show this week where I talked with Toni and April from Blaq & Soul about their organization and had the awesome 2nd Shift Brewing version of Reign or Shine. Brian from Three One Pour was kind enough to bring that one, so a big shout out to him!



Pilsner Urquell

Good show this week where I go way back and have the classic Pilsner Urquell as the Beer In Front. I'll also talk about beers from Hidden Hand, Old Irving, Beachwood, and Astronomy Aleworks. Plenty of Jagoffs this week too!



This week I'll have a new beer as my Beer In Front. Old Irving's As Time Goes By is a good one, it's a barrel aged Belgian Quad and is worth picking up if you can find it! I'll discuss the beer twitter meetup in Chicago this past weekend and talk about some good beers I had throughout the week.


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